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Quantum Matter Institute

QMI at UBC is a new venture into research of systems and phenomena explicitly involving quantum mechanics. The main initial thrust is devoted to Quantum Materials, whose physical properties – as a direct manifestation of many-body quantum-mechanical interactions – embody the central unresolved questions challenging the field of modern condensed matter physics.

Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory

Ampel LogoAMPEL is a multi-disciplinary research centre with participation of research groups from the faculties of Applied Science, Science, and Dentistry along with strong collaborations with the Faculty of Medicine. The main goal is to bring together basic and applied research groups working at the forefront of research on materials and devices in a collaborative effort sharing both their expertise and the most modern research facilities. Next to striving for a leading position in research, the center provides talented graduate students, post doctoral fellows and research associates a broad range of expertise and modern research equipment.

Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics

PITP LogoPITP is an international research institute, based at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, but sponsoring research networks and research collaborations with PITP members from many countries. The PITP research activities include conferences, workshops, and summer schools, and most importantly, short- and long-term research projects involving the members of the PITP research networks. This research is hosted by the PITP visitor centre, located at UBC, where groups of visiting PITP researchers can work together and with researchers in British Columbia.

Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics

TRIUMF LogoTRIUMF is a world-class subatomic physics research laboratory located on the campus of the University of British Columbia, a twenty-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. TRIUMF is one of three subatomic research facilities in the world that specialize in producing extremely intense beams of particles. The heart of the facility is the world's biggest cyclotron, which is used to accelerate 1000 trillion particles each second!

LADD - Laboratory for Advanced Detector Development?

LADD is a new institute at UBC/TRIUMF aimed at advanced R&D on detector systems for particle physics, medical and industrial imaging, condensed matter and other fields. At LADD, we're currently developing new tracking calorimeters for the KOPIO particle physics experiment at BNL, as well as medical imaging detectors for PET and SPECT using liquid xenon as the detection medium (designed to obtain improved efficiency, reduced exposure, and higher resolution on images), and devices for ISAC radioactive beam experiments. Detectors and infrastructure for condensed matter and other experiments are also planned to make use of the extensive facilities which are presently under development. Exciting thesis topics involving the invention and development of new detection devices, electronics, imaging software and many other areas are possible. Contact Prof. Douglas Bryman (">bry...@physics. tructiepbongda for more information on LADD.

Industry Service Office

ISO LogoThe ISO offers a wide variety of applied physics measurement services to BC industry. Our service-oriented facility features diverse unique equipment, qualified researchers, and flexible capabilities.



BC Cancer Institute

UBC Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital

International Affiliations


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