PHAS in the Media


Radio telescope near Penticton opening new doors in astrophysics (graduate student Deborah Good). August 5, 2018. Vancouver Sun.

Black hole hologram appears in a graphene flake (Dr. Marcel Franz). July 30, 2018. Physics World.

Jupiter’s Moons: 10 More Found, 79 Known?(Dr. Brett Gladman). July 17, 2018. Sky & Telescope.

Magnetic model simulated in 3D by D-Wave quantum processor. July 16, 2018. Physics World.

Einstein's Gravity Theory Tested in Extreme 'Zombie' Star Conditions (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). July 6, 2018. Sputnik News.

Astronomers prove that Einstein's theory of relativity holds up even for massive three-star system (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). July 6, 2018. V3.

Einstein's gravity theory passes extreme test on zombie star (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). July 5, 2018. CBC News.

Einstein's Theory of Gravity Holds Up on Test of a Three-Star System (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). July 5, 2018. Gizmodo.

BEST & BRIGHTEST: Grad year has ended up being an ultimate adventure (incoming student Lesley Hill). June 19, 2018. Nanaimo News Bulletin.

Greening the Future of Outer Space (Dr. Aaron Boley). June 1, 2018.

A long search for long wavelengths (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). May 31, 2018. Astronomy.

What Is Spacetime? (Dr. Mark Van Raamsdonk). June 2018. Scientific American.

Our Campus: Jakob Manning is Geering Up to create a more diverse and inclusive environment in STEM (Jakob Manning). May 28, 2018. Ubyssey.

First-time King of the Hill at Knox Mountain race (Dr. Andre?Marziali). May 22, 2018. Kelowna Capital News.

Science Rendezvous event held at University of British Columbia in Vancouver. May 13, 2018. Xinhua.

The Science Of Superconductivity (Undergrad student Paul Froese and Communications Coordinator Theresa Liao). May 11, 2018. Breakfast Television / City TV.

Will the Earth ever have a 'dark side' (Dr. Christa Van Laerhoven). May 5, 2018. CBC Radio?Quirks & Quarks.

Physics Victory (Physics Olympics). April 8, 2018. Tri-city News.

A night of Quantum Futures: Art and science collide to express quantum mechanics?April 4, 2018. Ubyssey.

Exoplanets: Worlds Beyond Our Solar System (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). March 29, 2018.?

CHIME begins its cosmic search (Dr. Mark Halpern). March 22, 2018. Astornomy Magazine.

Our Campus: Dr. Jaymie Matthews ‘translates the language of the universe,’ from the classroom to Sophie's Cosmic Café?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews). March 20, 2018. Ubyssey.

To understand the Universe, phyisicsts are building their own?(Dr. Bill Unruh). March 16, 2018. WIRED.

Lost in space: Why Canada’s diminishing role in the heavens is a problem?(Dr. Jeremy Heyl). March 13, 2018. The Globe and Mail.

How Stephen Hawking changed the life of this UBC astronomy student (Astronomy student?Steffani Grondin). March 13, 2018. CBC News.

Stephen Hawking left a mark on the world that few scientists could hope to achieve (Dr. Bill Unruh). March 15, 2018. The Globe and Mail.

Quantum mechanics runs hot in a cold plasma: research (Dr. Ed Grant). March 14, 2018.

Nobel laureate visits UBC ’with the answers to the universe’. January 22, 2018. Ubyssey.

The Astronomer Who Is Building the Largest Map of Space by Volume (Dr. Mark Halpern). January 16, 2018. Motherboard.

James N. Moum selected as Fellow of The Oceanography Society (PHAS alumnus?James N. Moum). January 11, 2018. EurekaAlart!

UBC physicists share Breakthrough Prize for mapping the universe (Dr. Gary Hinshaw). January 4, 2018. Ubyssey.


UBC students brew up smartphone app to help craft beer makers (Undergraduate students Alan Vilchis and Ricardo Rivera). December 28, 2017. The Globe and Mail.

UBC researchers step into starry virtual world to better understand galaxy formation (Dr. Harvey Richer). December 22, 2017. CBC News.

Stars of wonder: UBC prof captures 'spectacular' images of cosmic clusters (Dr. Harvey Richer). December 21, 2017.?Guelph Mercury Tribune.

A race back to the moon: Why 2017 was a year of lunar milestones (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). December 7, 2017. CTV News.

Astronomer shares $3M physics Breakthrough Prize (Dr. Gary Hinshaw). December 6, 2017. Cornell Chronicle.

We've not found aliens yet, so let's start listening for different signals?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews). December 5, 2017. Wired.

NASA Voyager 1 interview (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). December 4, 2017. Global National.

These 12 People Are Changing Science (Dr. Gary Hinshaw). December 4, 2017. Time Magazine.

Gary Hinshaw wins 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (Dr. Gary Hinshaw). December 4, 2017. UBC Science.

Seeing the glow behind the universe nets UBC scientist a Breakthrough Prize in physics (Dr. Gary Hinshaw). December 4, 2017. The Globe and Mail.?

What is cosmic microwave background? Top science prize awarded to researchers who determined the age of the Universe?(Dr. Gary Hinshaw). December 4, 2017. Newsweek.

UBC astrophysicist honoured for work on determining universe’s age, composition (Dr. Gary Hinshaw). December 4, 2017. Vancouver is awesome.

UBC astrophysicist honoured for work on determining universe's age, composition?(Dr. Gary Hinshaw). December 3, 2017. The Western Star.

Gleeful scientists spot ‘Oumuamua, the first object originating from outside of our solar system (Dr. Brett Gladman; writtern by PHAS graduate student Jacob White). November 22, 2017. Ubyssey.

Massive new radio telescope in Penticton has a 20-year mission (Dr. Mark Halpern). November 1, 2017. Ubyssey.

Rick Mercer Report?(Dr. Andrea Damascelli,14:00-16:15). October 24, 2017. CBC TV.

Students: Maybe you don’t have to choose your discipline (Dr. James Charbonneau). October 18, 2017. The Globe and Mail.

Putting new tools in the hands of leading Canadian scientists. October 13, 2017. Markets Insider.

$23 million in new funding for Dunlap Institute astronomers. October 13, 2017. Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics.

New materials, astronomy research at UBC get boost from CFI. October 13, 2017. UBC Science.

Astronomers Have Finally Found Most of The Universe's Missing Visible Matter (PHAS alumnus Hideki Tanimura) October 10, 2017. Science Alert.

Ground breaking work on pulsars earns UBC astrophysicist prestigious prize (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). October 5, 2017. Ubyssey.

Co-operative research revolution could answer call to transform science and society (Dr. Lorne Whitehead). October 4, 2017. National Post.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2017: Technology (Engineering Physics alumnus Scott Phillips). September 29, 2017. BC Business.

Nigel Lockyer appointed to second term as director of Fermilab (Dr. Nigel Lockyer). September 27, 2017. UChicagoNews.?

Royal Society of Canada awards medals to two UBC researchers (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). September 19, 2017. UBC Science.

A new test of water ripples supports the idea of quantum heat in a vacuum (Dr. Bill Unruh). September 18, 2017. Science News.

Canada’s largest radio telescope begins map of the universe?(CHIME). September 17, 2017. The Varsity.

Cassini's End - Early Edition (Dr. Aaron Boley at? 51:47). September 15, 2017. CBC Radio.

Physicist Turned Filmaker Explores Hidden Histories?(alumnus?Alejandro Yoshizawa). September 12, 2017. UBC Science.

Starting bell sounds for CHIME?(CHIME). September 8, 2017. IOP

A dark matter of fact: Canadian telescope to unlock the secrets of the universe?(CHIME). September 8, 2017. Canadian Manufacturing.

New radio telescope unveiled in B.C. (CHIME, Dr. Mark Halpern). September 7, 2017. CBC "The National".?

Canada's largest radio telescope unveiled in British Columbia (CHIME). September 7, 2017. CBC News.

Mapping the universe and understanding dark matter in the south Okanagan?(CHIME, Dr. Gary Hinshaw). September 7, 2017. Global News.

Listening for the universe to chime in (CHIME, Dr. Mark Halpern). September 7, 2017. Globe and Mail.

New Canadian telescope will map largest volume of space ever surveyed (CHIME, Dr. Mark Halpern). September 7, 2017. UBC Science.

This Huge Telescope is Built Like A Halfpipe and Hunts for Dark Energy (CHIME, Dr. Mark Halpern). September 7, 2017. MotherBoard.

Science minister installs final part of CHIME telescope, one of largest astronomical research instruments in world (CHIME). September 7, 2017. UofT News.

New Canadian telescope will map largest volume of space ever surveyed ?(CHIME, Dr. Mark Halpern). September 7, 2017. UBC Reports.

Video Captures 'Insane' Meteor That Stunned Onlookers: 'It Seemed So Close' (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). September 6, 2017. International Business Times.?

More musing on meteor (Dr. Brett Gladman). September 6, 2017. Castanet.

As fireball lights up Calgary sky, Calgarians light up social media (Dr. Brett Gladman). September 6, 2017. CBC News.

Witnesses stunned by ‘insane’ meteor over British Columbia and Alberta (Dr. Brett Gladman). September 5, 2017. Globe and Mail.

Astronomy: Telescope to use radio waves to shine light on Big Bang?(CHIME). September 3, 2017. The Columbus Dispatch.

Eclipse inspires unexpectedly large crowds at Vancouver Art Gallery and UBC campus. August 28, 2017. Ubyssey.

Monday's solar eclipse: Where to go and how to watch it safely. August 17, 2017. Vancouver Sun.

Four places in Vancouver to take in the solar eclipse. August 17, 2017. Vancouver Courier.

49 things to do in Metro Vancouver on Friday, August 18. August 17, 2017. Georgia Straight.

'Day and night': Partial eclipse won't bring awe of totality to B.C., but still promises to impress. August 16, 2017. CBC News.

Solar eclipse viewing parties being held around Vancouver on August 21. August 16, 2017. DailyHive.

A guide to the August 21 total solar eclipse. August 16, 2017. UBC News.

Robot competition held in Vancouver university. August 11, 2017.

Einstein = clever. Black holes seemingly affected by relativity (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). August 9, 2017. WIRED.

Ron Olowin, Saint Mary’s physics, astronomy professor, dies?(PHAS alumnus Dr. Ron Olowin). August 8, 2017. East Bay Times.

Do Other Planets Have Solar Eclipses? (Post-doc fellow Christa Van Laerhoven). August 5, 2017. Live Science.

Canadian-led study akin to antimatter forensics (PHAS alumnus Dr.?Michael Hayden). August 2, 2017. SFU Media Release.

Rocket team rises to first-place finish. (Engineering Physics student Simon Bambey). July 19, 2017. Penticton Western News.

2016-17 UBC Annual Report (Graduate student?Michelle Kunimoto at 2:39:00). UBC Annual Report. July 17, 2017.

Canadian astronomer, avid coin collector pens book on rare Newfoundland gold coins (Dr. Harvey Richer). The Telegram. July 15, 2017.

Why we still don’t get gravity (Dr. Mark Van Raamsdonk). UBC Science. July 10, 2017.

Why you haven’t exploded (yet) (PhD students Qingdi Wang and Zhen Zhu). Ubyssey. July 6, 2017.

‘Reflections of Canada’ Offers New Take on 150th Celebrations?(Dr. Philip Stamp). The Tyee. June 26, 2017.

Cross Country Checkup: Canada's 150 Anniversary (Dr. Philip Stamp at 1:36:08). CBC Radio One. June 24, 2017.

Where Gravity Is Weak and Naked Singularities Are Verbote (Dr. Matt Choptuik). Quanta Magazine. June 20, 2017.

Scientists make waves with black hole research (Dr. Bill Unruh). EurekAlert! June 14, 2017.

Canadian-led study casts doubt on existence of Planet Nine (Dr. Brett Gladman and PHAS alumnus Cory Shankman). The Globe and Mail. June 20, 2017.

Planet Formation (Dr. Aaron Boley). Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. June 8, 2017.

Dark Energy May Lurk in the Nothingness of Space (PhD student Qingdi Wang and Dr. Bill Unruh). May 31, 2017.

Space time 'fluctuates wildly' claims new theory that could shed new light on how the universe is expanding (PhD student Qingdi Wang and Dr. Bill Unruh). Mail Online. May 16, 2017.

Vigorous tiny vibrations help our universe swell, say particle boffins (PhD student Qingdi Wang and Dr. Bill Unruh). The Register. May 16, 2017.

New Explanation for Dark Energy? Tiny Fluctuations of Time And Space (PhD students Qingdi Wang, Zhen Zhu, and Dr. Bill Unruh). Universe Today. May 18, 2017.

L’expansion de l’Univers enfin expliquée? (PhD student Qingdi Wang and Dr. Bill Unruh). Radio Canada. May 16, 2017.

Expansion of the Universe is Likely Driven by Quantum Fluctuation, not Dark Energy (PhD student Qingdi Wang and Dr. Bill Unruh). Telegiz. May 17, 2017.

Controversial Theory Says Expansion of Universe Is Driven by Quantum Fluctuations - Not Dark Energy (Dr. Bill Unruh). Newsweek. May 16, 2017.

New Research May Reconcile General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics?(PhD student Qingdi Wang and Dr. Bill Unruh). Futurism. May 17, 2017.

UBC researchers propose answer to fundamental space problem?(PhD student Qingdi Wang, Dr. Bill Unruh, and Dr. Jaymie Matthews). CBC News. May 16, 2017.

Accelerating Expansion Of The Universe Could Be Driven By Energy Of Quantum Vacuum, New Theory Says (PhD students?Qingdi Wang, Zhen Zhu, and Dr. Bill Unruh). International Business Times. May 16, 2017.

The Early Edition - 16 May 2017 - Cosmic Expansion (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). CBC Radio Vancouver. May 16, 2017.

Space-Time is Constantly Moving, Physicists Say?(PhD student Qingdi Wang and Dr. Bill Unruh). Sci News. May 15, 2017.

PART X: From the outer reaches of our universe. April 24, 2017.

Q&A: The law-trained physicist turned movie technician. (PHAS alumnus Laura Kasian) Physics Today. April 19, 2017.

Could space travellers melt as they accelerate through deep space??(Dr. Bill Unruh) Universe Today. April 17, 2017.

'Rolling in the Higgs:' a scientist discovers YouTube fame. (UBC Physics & Astronomy) CBC News British Columbia. April 7, 2017.

Whistler students win gold at Physics Olympics. (UBC Physics Olympics) Question. March 21, 2017.

BC high schoolers compete in Physics Olympics, nerd madness ensues. (UBC Physics Olympics, Dr. Jaymie Matthews) Ubyssey. March 10, 2017.

North Shore well represented at youth physics competition. (UBC Physics Olympics) North Shore News. March 9, 2017.?

Kelowna student taking part in summer university program (UBC Physics Olympics). February 25, 2017.

Interview with Dr. Jaymie Matthews on TRAPPIST-1 discovery.?Global National: Feb 22. February 22, 2017.

Interview with Dr. Aaron Boley. Sense of Place with?Minelle Mahtani. Roundhouse Radio. February 14, 2017.

UBC's rising astronomy star Michelle Kunimoto seeks distant worlds?(MSc student Michelle Kunimoto and Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Vancouver Sun. January 15, 2017.

MSc student Michelle Kunimoto named Forbes "30 under 30" (MSc student Michelle Kunimoto). Forbes. January 5, 2017.


Quantum Gravity Research Could Unearth the Nature of Time (Dr.?Mark Van Raamsdonk). WIRED. December 12, 2016.

Astronomers spot signs of weird quantum distortion in space (Dr. Jeremy Heyl). Science. November 30, 2016.

Shouldn't lectures be obsolete by now? (UBC Physics & Astronomy). BBC News. November 23, 2016.

Inside the Search for Life on ‘Nearby’ Proxima b (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). The Tyee. November 23, 2016.

Galaxies Found Close Together Show Signs Of Impending Doom (Dr. Paul Hickson). Forbes. October 10, 2016.

Blinded by the Dark (Energy) (Dr. Mark Halpern). Scientific American. October 5, 2016.

Rosetta comet mission coverage (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). CBC News. October 1, 2016.

Quantum Leap?(the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, Dr. Andrea Damascelli). UBC Annual Report 2015-2016.

Canadian astronomer discovers Milky Way-size galaxy that's 99.99% dark matter. Metro News. September 1, 2016.

Top astronomer in Okanagan to talk about probability of life on other planets (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Penticton August 31, 2016.

One-man band: the solo physicist who models black holes in sound (Dr. Bill Unruh). Nature News. August 15, 2016.?

Engineering build "Uber" style robots (VIDEO)?(Engineering Physics Program). The Ubyssey. August 10, 2016.

Episode 106: Is Our Solar System Unique? The Complex Process of Planetary Formation, with Aaron Boley. The Star Spot. august 7, 2016.

Video: Robots battle at UBC (Engineering Physics Program). Vancouver Sun. August 5, 2016.

Driverless car robots face off in UBC engineering physics showdown (Engineering Physics Program). Metro News. August 5, 2016.

Perseids Meteor Shower To Put On A Show Overnight August 12 (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). CKNW. August 2, 2016.

Astronomers uncover potential new dwarf planet in our solar system (Dr. Brett Gladman). Mirror. July 15, 2016.

New dwarf planet with 'eccentric' orbit unexpectedly discovered by astronomers (Dr. Brett Gladman). CBC. July 13, 2016.

Canadian astronomer ‘excited’ as team discovers far-out dwarf planet?(Dr. Brett Gladman). Vancouver Metro. July 12, 2016.

2015 RR245: New Dwarf Planet Discovered in Solar System’s Kuiper Belt?(Dr. Brett Gladman). Sci News. July 12, 2016.

Tiny dwarf planet found in the Kuiper Belt reveals clues about the history of our solar system?(Dr. Brett Gladman). Wired. July 12, 2016.

Astronomers discover new distant dwarf planet beyond Neptune?(Dr. Brett Gladman). July 12, 2016.

Hawaiian Telescope Detects New Dwarf Planet Far Beyond Neptune.?(Dr. Brett Gladman).?Tech Times. July 12. 2016.

Astronomers just discovered a new dwarf planet beyond Neptune?(Dr. Brett Gladman). Science Alart. July 12, 2016.

Astronomers discover new dwarf planet beyond orbit of Pluto.?(Dr. Brett Gladman).?Geek Time. July 12, 2016.

Beyond Neptune and Pluto, a new dwarf planet is seen.?(Dr. Brett Gladman). The Christian Science Monitor. July 12, 2016.

New dwarf planet discovered in the Kuiper Belt.?(Dr. Brett Gladman). Red Orbit. July 12, 2016.

2015 RR245: Astronomers discover distant dwarf planet orbiting beyond Neptune.?(Dr. Brett Gladman). ABC News (Australia). July 12, 2016.

Outer solar system survey strikes, well, ice: New dwarf planet orbiting beyond Neptune is discovered.?(Dr. Brett Gladman).?Discover Magazine (blog). July 11, 2016.

NEW DWARF PLANET DISCOVERED BEYOND NEPTUNE.?(Dr. Brett Gladman). Universe Today. July 11, 2016.

New dwarf planet discovered out past Neptune?(Dr. Brett Gladman). CNET. July 11, 2016.

Dwarf planet spotted at solar system’s outer fringe (Dr. Brett Gladman). The Globe and Mail. July 11, 2016.

Astronomers discover distant dwarf planet beyond Neptune (Dr. Brett Gladman). The Guardian. July 11, 2016.

Télescope géant cherche signaux extraterrestres?(Dr. Ingrid Stairs).?La Presse. July 6, 2016.

A UBC astronomy professor on what you can see in the night sky this summer (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). July 5, 2016.

News Interview with TRT World (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). TRT World. July 5, 2016.

‘Pay-Per-View’ Mode Keeps Canadian Space Telescope Flying After 13 Years (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Motherboard. June 30, 2016.

Trekkie astronomy student brings four new planets to light (Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). blastr. June 7, 2016.

STUDENT DISCOVERS FOUR NEW PLANETS?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). Universe Today. June 2, 2016.

Michelle Kunimoto, UBC Student, Discovers 4 New Exoplanets (Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). The Huffington Post. June 2, 2016.

Canadian student finds four new planets - and one could support life and have an 'Avatar-like' moon with water oceans?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto).?Daily Mail. June 1, 2016.

UBC student discovers four new planets that NASA missed?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). Ubyssey. June 1, 2016.

UBC student discovers four new planets?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). 24 hrs Vancouver. May 31, 2016.

UBC undergrad discovers four new planets?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). Metronews Vancouver. May 30, 2016.

Négy bolygót fedezett fel egy 22 éves egyetemista(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). 24Hu (Hungarian 24HRS newspaper). May 30, 2016.

This 22-Year-Old Found Four New Planets, Including a ‘Warm Neptune’(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). Motherboard. May 30, 2016.

UBC student embarks on star trek, discovers four exoplanets(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). Vancouver Sun. May 30, 2016.

Four new planets discovered by a UBC astronomy student?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto).?Vancity Buzz. May 30, 2016.

From UBC: “UBC astronomy student discovers four new planets” Women in Science(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). Science Springs. May 30, 2016.?

UBC astronomy student discovers new “planet candidates”?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto). CKNW AM980. May 30, 2016.

UBC undergrad discovers four new 'planet candidates'?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto) CTV news. May 30, 2016

UBC student discovers four new planets?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto).?Global News. May 30, 2016.

Andrew Chang, CBC Vancouver News (at 18:40 point)?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews, student Michelle?Kunimoto).?CBC Vancouver. May 30, 2016.

Setting Sights on Alien Oceans (Dr. Jaymie Matthews, astronomy student Michelle Kunimoto, Dr. Gordon Walker). TREK. Number 39, 2016.

Rare planetary alignment to be seen on Monday, Astrophysicist Jaymie Matthews weighs in (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). TRT World. May 9, 2016.

Mercury's transit of the sun draws Vancouver astronomy fans. The Province. May 10, 2016.

Are we running out of space to measure? Physicists warn we may 'hit a wall' that will stop us learning more about the universe (Dr. Douglas Scott). Daily Mail. May 9, 2016.

Pulsars and the Detection of Gravitational Waves (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). The Star Spot. April 17, 2016.

Will junk from space fall on my head? (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Metro News, April 15, 2016.

Space rock smashing into Jupiter captured by amateur astronomers (Dr. Brett Gladman). CBC News. March 30, 2016.

UBC’s biggest donors give $11 million to quantum materials research (Dr. Andrea Damascelli). Vancouver Sun. March 10, 2016.

UBC Physics Olympics (Dr. Michael Hasinoff). Ming Pao. March 6, 2016.

UBC Physics Olympics?4:30-6:55 (Dr. Tom Mattison). CBC News. March 6, 2016.

Mysterious radio burst pinpointed in distant galaxy (Postdoc Dr. Kiyoshi Masui). Nature News. February 24, 2016.

UBC's link to big discovery?(Dr. Bill Unruh, Dr. Matt Choptuik, alumnus Dr.?Frans Pretorius). Vancouver Sun. February 16, 2016.

CKNW Interview?7pm interview time stamp at 16 minute (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). CKNW. February 12, 2016.

ELI5: what's the big deal about gravity waves? (Dr. Bill Unruh). Ubyssey. February 12, 2016.

Astrophysicist Jaymie Matthews talks to TRT World about gravitational waves?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews).?TRT World. February 11, 2016.

Gravity waves from black holes verify Einstein’s prediction (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). Science News. February 11, 2016.

Professor helps develop method of measuring stars' gravities (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Ubyssey. January 26, 2016.?

A new cookbook for science classrooms?(Dr. Lisa?Strubbe). UBC Science. January 19, 2016.

A new way of calculating distant stars' gravity could help us find alien worlds?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Chicago Tribune/Washington Post. January 4, 2016.

Search For Habitable Planets Made Easier With New Technique To Measure Surface Gravity Of Distant Stars (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). International Business Times. January 4, 2016.

Advance in astronomy 'can help find other worlds' (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). BBC. January 2, 2016.

Measuring the pull of gravity at the surface of distant stars?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Astronomy Now. January 1, 2016.


Radio pulses from space have stumped scientists for years. Now we may be close to solving the mystery?(Kiyoshi Masui_. The Washington Post. December 3, 2015.

UBC physicists win Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (Dr. Scott Oser and many more). The Ubyssey. November 19, 2015.

Physics course adopts open textbook, saves students $90,000 (Dr. Georg Rieger, Dr. Stefan Reinsberg, and Grad students Firas Moosvi, Jason Park, Pedro Luis Esquinas and Scott Veale). Faculty of Science Media Release. October 15, 2015.

UBC students develop bee probiotics to fight pesticides (Engineering Physics student?Yuqing Du. Ubyssey. October 7, 2015.

Our Campus: Fresh from Harvard, hotshot prof Jenny Hoffman adjusts to Point Grey (Dr. Jenny Hoffman). Ubyssey. October 8, 2015.

ProMIS Neurosciences Announces Appointment of Dr. Steven Plotkin as Chief Physics Officer (Dr. Steven Plotkin). Newswire (news release). September 23, 2015.

Fast radio bursts may provide 3D map of cosmos (Dr. Kris Sigurdson). Gizmag. September 21, 2015.

Researchers propose new way to chart the cosmos in 3D?(Dr. Kris Sigurdson and Post-doc Kiyoshi Masui). news. September 18, 2015.

Focus: Radio Signals May Reveal Cosmological Structure (Dr. Kris Sigurdson and Post-doc Kiyoshi Masui). APS Magazine Physics. September 18, 2015.

UBC students give bees a chance (Engineering Physics student Yu Qing Du). UBC news. September 18, 2015.

Self-directed, iterative learning dramatically improves critical thinking in STEM classes (Dr. Douglas Bonn and graduate student Natasha Holmes). The Times. August 19, 2015.

Stanford research shows how to improve students' critical thinking about scientific evidence (Graduate student Natasha Holmes). Stanford News. August 17, 2015.

Can West-UBC Robot Competition (Engineering Physics Program, Bernhard Zender). Fairchild TV. August 6, 2015.

UBC engineering students make rescue robots for grades and glory (Engineering Physics Program, Bernhard Zender). Global TV. August 6, 2015.

Quantum matter grant bringing jobs to UBC (Quantum Matter Institute). Business Vancouver. July 30, 2015.

Beyond Pluto: 5 things left to explore in our solar system (Dr. Brett Gladman). CBC. July 27, 2015.

Quantum 3D Printing on the Horizon, According to UBC Researcher Jennifer Hoffman (Dr. Jennifer Hoffman). July 15, 2015.

UBC welcomes new quantum physicist (Dr.?Jennifer Hoffman). Global News. June 30, 2015.

Renowned Harvard quantum physicist joining UBC (Dr.?Jennifer Hoffman). Vancouver Sun. June 27, 2015.

Telescope stepping stone to understanding universe (Dr. Mark Halpern). Penticton Western News. June 6, 2016.

Hubble catches a stellar exodus in action (Dr. Jeremy Heyl). Astronomy Now. May 17, 2015.?

How Quantum Pairs Stitch Space-Time (Dr. Mark Van Raamsdonk). Quanta Magazine. April 28, 2015.

B.C. astronomer praises telescope funding. 24 hrs Vancouver. April 7, 2015.

UBC scientists thrilled Canada to contribute to building world’s most powerful telescope. Vancouver Sun. April 7, 2015

Interview: early galaxy formation (Dr. Douglas Scott). Global TV News. March 31, 2015.

UBC astrophysicists spot early galaxy formation (Dr. Douglas Scott). CBC News. March 31, 2015.

UBC astrophysicists catch glimpse of early galaxy formation (Dr. Douglas Scott). Vancouver Sun. March 31, 2015.

UBC researchers help find moments of early galaxy formation (Dr. Douglas Scott). The Province. March 31, 2015.

Eating My Way Through the Solar Eclipse (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Slate. March 21, 2015.

The Jill Bennett Show - Sun Mar 15 - The Protocycler?(Engineering Physics students?Dennon Oosterman, Alex Kay and David Joyce). CKNW. March 15, 2015.?

UBC students tackle plastic recycling?(Engineering Physics students?Dennon Oosterman, Alex Kay and David Joyce).?Vancouver Courier. March 12, 2015.

Knights of Dunsmuir Episode #2: Dr. Aaron Boley Talks Cosmos (Dr. Aaron Boley). Knights of Dunsmuir Podcast. March 4, 2015.

Scientists overturn widely-publicized Big Bang claim (Dr. Douglas Scott). The Globe and Mail. January 30, 2015.

Pulsar Pair Bends Space-Time (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). Quirks and Quarks. January 24, 2015.

Charge instability detected across all types of copper-based superconductors?(Dr. Andrea? Damascelli, post-doc Eduardo H. da Silva Neto). January 16, 2015.

Vancouver astronomer measures space time warp (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). Global News. January 14, 2015.

Wonky, Warped and Weird: Pulsar Vanishes in Spacetime (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). Discovery News. January 13, 2015.

Stephanie Grothe, Elena Cernicka, Neil Charles Mackenzie among Joffre Peak hiking victims (graduate student Stephanie Grothe). CBC News. January 13, 2015.

Joffre Peak victim Stephanie Grothe loved the outdoors, colleagues say (graduate stduetn Stephanie Grothe). The Province. January 13, 2015.?

Vancouver astronomer measures space-time warp (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). 24 hours. January 12, 2015.

Wonky, Warped and Weird: Pulsar Vanishes in Spacetime (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). Huffington Post. January 12, 2015.

tructiepbongda UBC astronomer helps discover new planet (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Ubyssey. January 11, 2015.

'Bent time' tips pulsar out of view (Dr. Ingrid Stairs). January 9, 2015.

tructiepbongda ‘Spider’ telescope may tell us how the universe was born (Dr. Mark Halpern). Global News. January 10, 2015.

Researchers launch SPIDER telescope to study universe expansion (Dr. Mark Halpern). Ubyssey. January 7, 2015.

UBC telescope searching for clues to beginning of the universe (Dr. Mark Halpern). Global News. January 7, 2015.

UBC's SPIDER telescope launches seeking Big Bang's light patterns (Dr. Mark Halpern). CBC News British Columbia. January 5, 2015.


UBC's SPIDER telescope seeks Big Bang's 'smoking gun' (Dr. Mark Halpern). CBC News British Columbia. December 24, 2014.

New "Super Earth" Planet (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Global News. December 20, 2014.

Super-Earth confirmed by UBC astronomer using MOST space telescope (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). CBC news British Columbia. December 19, 2014.?

UBC astronomers help spot new 'waterworld' planet in our (galactic) neighbourhood (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). The Province. December 18, 2014.

Its funding may have been eliminated, but that didn’t stop a Canadian satellite from co-discovering new planet (Dr. Jaymie Matthews). National Post. December 18, 2014.

UBC astronomers discover potential ‘waterworld’ in our galactic neighbourhood?(Dr. Jaymie Matthews). Huffpost British Columbia. ?December 18, 2014

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