May 15, 2021

Tribute to Louis van Dijk - Bernd van den Bos (piano), Tessa Sunniva (vocals) and Louis Gerrits (saxophone)

  • Date: May 15, 2021
  • Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Venue:
    Live Stream from the Edesche Concertzaal
  • Price: 19.50
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Tribute to Louis van Dijk

From the Edesche Concertzaal you can experience a unique tribute concert to one of the greatest Dutch jazz pianists. Together with musical star Tessa Sunniva and saxophone player Louis Gerrits Bernd will perform Louis' greatest hits like the Turkish March, Charisma and Home. Also Louis' favorite song 'The Windmills Of Your Mind' will be performed. And with Bernd's own 'Ode to Louis van Dijk' the concert gets a more than personal touch.

Louis van Dijk

. Bernd van den Bos.

Bernd van den Bos is one of those pianists. He grew up with the piano at his side. In recent years he has appeared in programs such as Looking for Evita and X Factor. Just like Louis van Dijk Bernd developed himself as an all-round pianist, improviser and composer. He works regularly with Simone Kleinsma, Brigitte Kaandorp, Andr

Tessa Sunniva

Special guest Tessa Sunniva is known as a finalist of the TV show Looking for Maria. It is said that Tessa could sing rather than talk. No wonder she is one of the biggest musical talents of this moment. In 2020 Tessa was nominated for a Musical Award in the category 'Best Female Lead' for her role as Anya in the musical Anastasia.

Louis Gerrits

Saxophonist Louis Gerrits is a real mood enhancer on his instrument. One moment sultry and languid, the next passionate and boisterous. Just like Bernd, Louis has earned his spurs in the world of light music. Louis worked with many famous artists and can regularly be seen in musical productions on television such as Mooi weer de Leeuw, Dancing with the stars, Looking for Evita, Looking for Joseph and X-Factor.

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