February 19, 2022

Nikolai Lugansky - Beethoven, Franck - World pianists

  • Date: February 19, 2022
  • Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Venue:
    Edesche Concertzaal
    Amsterdamseweg 9, Ede
  • Price: 17.50
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Nikolai Lugansky

"In his performances, however intimately played, it is always whirlwind and stormy", is how the Volkskrant described master pianist Nikolai Lugansky. Despite his modest appearance, Lugansky has an unstoppable musical desire to tell his story from behind the grand piano. Beethoven and Franck are the main characters in this recital. Their music is also turbulent and stormy. Especially with Beethoven it regularly comes to explosive outbursts.

Beethoven's 'Mondschein' and 'Der Sturm'



During the Franck year 2022 Lugansky will pay a musical tribute to this great Belgian-French composer. He was born exactly 200 years ago. Lugansky will play two of Franck's most famous piano pieces: Pr

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