March 12, 2022

Thomas Beijer - Schubert, Debussy, Skrjabin, Sibelius - World pianists

  • Date: March 12, 2022
  • Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Venue:
    Edesche Concertzaal
    Amsterdamseweg 9, Ede
  • Price: 17.50
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Sibelius - Piano Sonata in F, op. 12

Schubert's Moments musicaux


The Six moments musicaux are among the most beautiful piano pieces Schubert composed. They are beautiful short pieces which at first sight sound crystal clear, but with Schubert nothing is what it seems. All kinds of things are hidden under the surface. That makes the Six moments musicaux particularly mysterious.

Images of Debussy


In his two-part piano collection Images Debussy evokes various images. Thomas Beijer plays the second series of Images from 1907. The piece 'Cloches

Sibelius' Piano Sonata


Jean Sibelius is mainly famous for his orchestral music, such as his symphony

Skrjabin's stormy Third Piano Sonata


As a counterpart to Sibelius' Piano Sonata, Thomas Beijer plays the stormy Third Piano Sonata by the Russian Alexandr Skrjabin. The composer was at two ends of his rope as to what he wanted to express in this sonata. At first Skrjabin thought of a ruined medieval castle and therefore he wanted to give the piece the nickname 'Gothic'. Later he abandoned this idea and came up with another programme for this sonata, entitled 'States of the Soul'.

Youtube Clip

Listen to Thomas Beijer with the final movement of Beethoven's 'Sonata Appassionata'

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